With more than 17 years of experience at fast-growing start-ups and cutting-edge corporations, I'm proficient at building highly performant, highly scalable, and responsive enterprise-level web applications. My skill set includes JavaScript, React, Java, Node and everything in between.


  • Courtesy Electric Company

    Courtesy Electric is a large electrical subcontract based out of denver.

    Senior Full Stack Engineer |  - 

    • Designed and built a large scale work order management system.
    • Designed and developed an iOS and Android app used to track time, location and work orders.
    • Created a large scale data receiving system that was used to track and manage work orders.
  • This or That Media / HometownQuotes

    This or That Media is a social media site. HometownQuotes is an online provider of insurance leads.

    Senior Full Stack Engineer |  - 

    • Designed and built a full featured A/B testing system with real-time mobile app to optimize conversion rates for landers and forms driven byPPC, leading to 10+ tests per week and 10% lift in conversion rate
    • Designed and developed key financial dashboards and reports across multiple departments, and enabled mobile access via an android app and a web-based mobile app
    • Led the charge on migrating the company’s server platform fromAWS to a local data center by building and deploying 15+ custom Linux servers to reduce costs
    • Contributed to 50% of the company's revenue by architecting and building a paid search driven consumer lead generation platform
    • Rebuilt entire front-facing customer web based portal to use a cross browser, responsive layout that over 2,000 agents use everyday
    • Developed and maintained large-scale lead-gen platforms capable of sending and receiving thousands of leads per minute
  • Food Network / HGTV / DIY Network - Scripps Networks

    Scripps Networks is a leading developer of lifestyle content that includes an array of broadband video, social media areas and e-commerce components attracting more than 20 million unique visitors monthly. Scripps Networks is comprised ofHGTV, Food Network,DIYNetwork, Fine Living Network (FLN) and Great American Country (GAC).

    Senior Full Stack Engineer |  - 

    • Standardized new HTML/CSS/JS development practices for nearly 20 front-end engineers and designers to simplify the development process
    • Designed and developed internal software applications to manage all types of media across various platforms

    Full Stack Engineer |  - 

    • Implemented various promotional pages from Target and Bacardi utilizing semantic and cross-browser techniques
    • Restructured configuration and layout of high-traffic pages to simplify development and improve page speed and performance
    • Supervised and performed all crucial maintenance and applied fixes for high traffic websites (HGTV,DIY, Food Network andGAC)
    • Responsible for all JavaScript and CSS production pushes through various CDNs, mainly Akamai
  • Cadre5 LLC

    Cadre5, LLC is a full-service technology and design firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, specializing is custom software development.

    Full Stack Engineer |  - 

    • Created large-scale web applications for corporate and government entities
    • Architected and standardized semantic HTML and CSS to simplify page creation for a over 10 developers
    • Mentored team members in the proper use of semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and front-end best practices
    • Responsible for JavaScript / Front-End performance of million+ rows of data being displayed to end users via HTML
    • IncorporatedjQueryto enhance the user experience and simplify AJAX calls
    • Performedfront-endand back-end programming using C#, ASP.NET and Java
    • Strategized and designed applications from back-end to user interface
  • Focal Point Technologies Inc.

    Focal Point Technologies, Inc. is a national Internet-design firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

    Software Developer |  - 

    • Created full featured content management systems for clients who wanted to easily manipulate your website's content.
    • Worked face to face with clients to understand and create what they have envisioned
    • Developed personal and real-estate-based web sites
    • Managed several servers, including DNS, web and mail
    • Worked with clients to strategize and plan projects
    • Maintained communication throughout projects to ensure client satisfaction


  • Self-Taught

    I have always been fascinated with computers and programming. To this day I seek out and use the latest technologies to create my projects. I have a passion for learning and I am always looking to improve my skills.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Engineering - ITT Tech

    During my time at ITT Tech I was employed as a full time full stack software engineer at Cadre5 and later, Scripps Networks. I received my bachelors degree in 2.5 years by completing the final projects and testing out of the midterm and final exams of the programming courses that were offered.


  • JavaScript<TypeScript>
    React, React Native, Next.js, Vue.js, TypeScript
  • Next.js
    What this website is using, overkill I know :)
  • Build Tools
    npm, yarn, Webpack, Gulp, ESLint, Prettier, Vite
  • SEO
    Server-Side Rendering, Microformats, Microdata
  • Java
    Spring, Thymeleaf, MyBatis, JPA / Hibernate, Maven, Gradle
  • Node.js
  • Database
    SQL & NoSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firestore
  • Authentication
    OAuth2, Auth0, Keycloak
  • React Native
  • Google Cloud
    Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Google App Engine
  • AWS
Notable Mentions
  • Google Cloud
    Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Google App Engine
  • AWS